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    Trying MORE Viral TikTok Hacks w/ Payton Delu!

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    Trying MORE Viral TikTok Hacks w/ Payton Delu!

    Today, in another exciting TikTok hack challenge, Payton Delu and I are going head to head, trying out a variety of viral TikTok hacks to see if they actually work. The loser of each hack will have to post an embarrassing picture of themselves on this room. With determination to win, we dive right into the challenge, testing out each hack one by one.

    Life Hack Number One - The Egg Yolk Trick

    The first hack involves cracking an egg into a bowl and attempting to pick up the yolk using a piece of raw garlic. We give it a try, and to our surprise, it actually works! The garlic acts as a tool to lift the yolk without breaking it. I gain a point with this successful hack.

    Life Hack Number Two - Water Balloon Explosion

    Next up is the water balloon hack. The TikTok video shows that if you fill a water balloon halfway and then shake it vigorously, it will explode on impact. We both take a shot at it, but unfortunately, it doesn't work for either of us. The water balloons remain intact, and we both lose this round.

    Life Hack Number Three - Ramen Ironing

    In this hack, you're supposed to use an iron to cook the ramen noodles. We follow the instructions, ironing the noodles directly on the ironing board. Surprisingly, it actually cooks the noodles, and we have ourselves a delicious meal. I score another point with this successful hack.

    Life Hack Number Four - Key Melting

    The next hack involves melting a key through a plastic bottle. After heating the key with a lighter, we attempt to push it through the bottle. Unfortunately, the plastic bottle remains unharmed, and we both fail this hack.

    Life Hack Number Five - Candle Rise

    This hack promises that if you place a candle inside an egg, it will rise when lit. We set up the experiment, lighting the candle and covering it with a halved eggshell. To our surprise, the egg rises, and the hack actually works. I earn another point with this success.

    Life Hack Number Six - Invisible Flames

    The next hack involves creating invisible flames using hand sanitizer and a paper towel. We apply hand sanitizer to the paper towel and light it on fire. Amazingly, the flames are invisible but can still be felt. This hack is a success, and I gain another point.

    Life Hack Number Seven - Mentos and Coke Volcano

    This hack involves creating a Coke and Mentos eruption by inserting Mentos candies into a bottle of Coke. We give it a try, but the reaction fizzles out rather than erupting. We both lose this round as the hack doesn't work as expected.

    Life Hack Number Eight - Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloon

    In this hack, we fill a balloon with vinegar and attach it to the neck of a bottle filled with baking soda. When we release the balloon, the reaction between the baking soda and vinegar cause it to inflate. The hack is a success, and I earn another point.

    Life Hack Number Nine - Toothpaste Color Change

    The next hack claims that mixing toothpaste and orange Fanta will cause the toothpaste to change color. Unfortunately, we don't see any change in color, and both of us lose this round.

    Life Hack Number Ten - Dry Ice Bottle Explosion

    In the final hack, we drop dry ice into a plastic bottle filled with water and seal it tightly. As the dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide gas, pressure builds up, ultimately causing the bottle to explode. The explosion is successful, and I secure my victory with another point.


    This TikTok hack challenge provided both successful and failed attempts at various viral hacks. While some hacks surprised us with their effectiveness, others fell short of expectations. It was an exciting and entertaining experience nonetheless.


    TikTok hacks, viral hacks, challenge, eggs, garlic, water balloon, Ramen noodles, ironing, key melting, candle rise, invisible flames, Mentos and Coke eruption, baking soda and vinegar balloon, toothpaste color change, dry ice bottle explosion


    Q: Do all of the TikTok hacks in the video actually work? A: No, not all of the TikTok hacks in the video were successful. Some hacks worked as expected, while others failed to produce the desired results.

    Q: Who won the TikTok hack challenge? A: The winner of the TikTok hack challenge was Ryan. He successfully completed more hacks than Peyton.

    Q: Is it safe to try these TikTok hacks at home? A: It is important to exercise caution when trying TikTok hacks at home. Some hacks involve potentially hazardous materials or actions, so it's essential to prioritize safety and have adult supervision when conducting these experiments.

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