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    Trying Tik Tok Hacks That ACTUALLY WORK

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    Trying Tik Tok Hacks That ACTUALLY WORK

    Hello friends! Today, I decided to test out some TikTok life hacks to see if they actually work. From finding a Plan B pill inside a pregnancy test to trying out a baby-carrying scarf hack, making guacamole with a unique method, creating colorful art with milk and food coloring, charging a phone with foil in the wild, preventing drink overflow with bubbles, and making a DIY ginger ale substitute, I dived into various TikTok hacks to see if they live up to their viral claim. Let's explore if these hacks were successful or turned out to be just internet myths.

    • Pregnancy test Plan B pill
    • Baby-carrying scarf hack
    • Avocado peeling trick
    • Milk and food coloring experiment
    • Charging phone with foil
    • Preventing drink overflow
    • DIY ginger ale substitute


    Pregnancy test, Plan B pill, baby-carrying scarf hack, avocado peeling trick, milk and food coloring experiment, charging phone with foil, preventing drink overflow, DIY ginger ale substitute


    1. Did the pregnancy test actually contain a Plan B pill?
    2. How successful was the baby-carrying scarf hack with the dogs?
    3. Did the avocado peeling trick work effectively?
    4. Was the milk and food coloring experiment visually appealing?
    5. Did the phone charging hack using foil in the wild work efficiently?
    6. How effective was the method to prevent drink overflow with bubbles?
    7. Was the DIY ginger ale substitute a good alternative to the original drink?

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