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    URL To Short Video || long video to short video converter || AI Make Long to Short Video

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    URL To Short Video || long video to short video converter || AI Make Long to Short Video

    To earn lakhs of rupees by making a suit video from a link on YouTube, the right content needs to be uploaded on YouTube and people need to watch it. If you have made a music video but there are parts that viewers find difficult to understand, follow these steps to convert your long video into short videos using AI technology:

    1. Visit the website mentioned and create an account to start the process.
    2. Search for the category of video you want to upload from YouTube, such as motivational speech or comedy.
    3. Copy the URL of the video you want to convert to a short video and paste it on the website.
    4. Adjust the settings, including the size and format of the video, and generate the output.
    5. Subscribe to the channel for more related videos and updates.

    After following these steps, your long video will be converted into a short, easily digestible format using AI technology.


    • YouTube
    • video conversion
    • AI technology
    • short video creation
    • account creation
    • website navigation


    • Q: Can I convert any type of video into a short video using this method?
      • A: This method works best for converting YouTube videos, especially in categories like motivational speeches or comedy, into shorter formats.
    • Q: Is there a limit to the length of the video that can be converted to a short video?
      • A: While there may be restrictions on video length, the tool mentioned in the article optimizes videos for minimal size to suit short video formats.

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