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    Urgent Passport Photo #shorts #photoshop #pp

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    Urgent Passport Photo #shorts #photoshop #pp

    First of all, select the crop tool, resize the photo, press enter, press control bracket, and press control shift, press control, light the photo like this, and do OK, select the magic tool, and click on the background, shift bar. Click again like this and press the shortcut key Control S and feather and press one OK and press the delete button from the keyboard Control D do Control A go to edit go to stroke and keep five pixels and Keep any color and OK, control C and press f2, in this way your 8 passport photos will be ready in one second.

    Go to the channel to watch the flower video.


    • Passport photo
    • Photoshop editing
    • Editing shortcuts
    • Background removal
    • Feathering
    • Cropping tool
    • Light adjustment


    • What tools are used to quickly edit passport photos in Photoshop?
    • How can one efficiently resize and crop photos for passport photos?
    • What is the process for removing the background from a photo in Photoshop?
    • How can feathering be used to enhance passport photos?
    • Are there any shortcuts that can speed up the process of editing passport photos in Photoshop?

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