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    Use A.I. to Steal ANY Color Grade From ANY Movie

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    Use A.I. to Steal ANY Color Grade From ANY Movie

    Are you looking to recreate the stunning color grades from your favorite movies in your own videos? Well, now you can with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. In this article, we will explore different methods to steal color grades from movies, making it easier for you to achieve the cinematic look you desire.

    Stealing Color Grades with AI

    Thanks to advancements in AI technology, you can now use tools like Runway to generate color grades based on descriptions. Simply upload a sample clip or use the demo assets provided. To begin, describe the color grade you're after. You can reference a specific movie like "Blade Runner 2049" or describe the effects using words like "analogous colors" or "global tint." The AI tool will generate a color grade based on your description.

    Keep in mind that these AI tools are relatively new, and trial and error may be necessary to find the desired result. Once you're satisfied with the generated color grade, you can export it as a LUT (Look-Up Table) and apply it to your own projects in editing software like Premiere Pro. Minor adjustments may be needed, but this AI tool provides a solid starting point.

    Stealing Color Grades with Google Images

    Another method to steal color grades involves using Google Images. Search for high-quality screenshots or stills from movies that have the visual style you want to replicate. Import the chosen image into your editing software and place it as a reference frame.

    In Adobe Premiere Pro, you can utilize the Color Match feature. Select the clip you want to manipulate and activate the comparison view. Scroll through the timeline to choose the reference frame for the color match. Apply the color match, and you'll have a starting point for your color grade. Minor adjustments may be required to fine-tune the result.

    Matching Different Camera Types

    If you're working with footage from different camera types, a vital step is applying a LUT conversion. This transforms flat-looking footage shot in log or raw formats to a standard color space like Rec 709. A link to free conversion LUTs can be found in the description of this article. This step brings the footage closer to what we perceive with our eyes, making it an excellent starting point for color grading.


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    1. Is the AI color grade generation perfect?
    No, AI color grading tools are relatively new, and the results may require minor adjustments. Trial and error may be needed to find the desired color grade.

    2. Can I use the color match feature in other editing software besides Premiere Pro?
    The color match feature is specific to Adobe Premiere Pro. However, other editing software may have similar functionalities with different names.

    3. Can I match color grades between footage shot on different camera types?
    Yes, by applying a LUT conversion to each clip, you can bring them to a consistent color space and match the color grades effectively.

    4. Are the provided free conversion LUTs compatible with all camera models?
    The provided free conversion LUTs should work with most camera models. However, some adjustments may be necessary depending on the specific camera's color science.

    5. Can I fine-tune the color grades after applying the AI-generated or matched color grades?
    Yes, minor adjustments and tweaks are often required to achieve the desired result or to match the unique characteristics of your footage.

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