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    Use AI to create EPIC Promo Videos in Minutes with ChatGPT and InVideo

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    Use AI to create EPIC Promo Videos in Minutes with ChatGPT and InVideo

    Today, we are going to demonstrate how we utilized AI to craft an impressive Adidas ad in less than 10 minutes. AI has revolutionized the process of creating viral video ads, making it accessible to brands without specialized skills in copywriting or video editing. Read on to discover how you can swiftly go from idea to a polished ad with just five simple steps using Chat GPT and InVideo.

    The first step of the process is to brainstorm the concept or idea for your ad. By understanding your target audience, the desired emotion you want to evoke, and the product features you wish to emphasize, you can generate several creative ideas. Researching competitors' successful campaigns can also provide valuable insights.

    Next, turning your concept into a script is made easy with Chat GPT. By entering detailed prompts and key elements such as video type, product/service, target consumer, length, and tone, you can swiftly generate a script tailored to your needs.

    Moving on to the creation of the video, InVideo offers a vast library of templates for you to choose from. Select a template that fits your theme and style, and customize it to your liking by replacing the placeholder text and media with your own.

    After customizing the text, media, and music, preview your video to ensure everything aligns seamlessly. Once you are satisfied with the results, export the video in your desired resolution. Additionally, you can repurpose the video for multiple platforms by resizing it with a simple click.

    By leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT and InVideo, you can streamline the process of creating captivating promo videos, saving time and effort while achieving professional results.


    • AI
    • Promo Video
    • ChatGPT
    • InVideo
    • Creative Concept
    • Script Writing
    • Video Editing


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