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    Use AI to magically add b-roll to videos!

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    Use AI to magically add b-roll to videos!

    Generative AI, a cutting-edge technology harnessing massive amounts of human-created data like text, audio, video, and images, is poised to revolutionize the creation of media. One such application, introduced by Capsule, is g-roll, an experiment that automates the process of adding b-roll to videos using AI. By transcribing video content, selecting key segments, and generating relevant visuals, g-roll streamlines the production of professional-looking videos, making video creation more accessible than ever before. While generative AI is still in its early stages, the potential for democratizing creativity and enabling individuals to craft engaging stories with minimal technical expertise is undeniable.


    • Generative AI
    • Capsule
    • G-roll
    • B-roll automation
    • Video creation
    • Democratizing creativity
    • Professional-looking videos


    1. What is generative AI and how is it being applied in video creation?
    2. How does g-roll by Capsule automate the process of adding b-roll to videos?
    3. What are the potential benefits of using generative AI in video production?
    4. Is generative AI like g-roll widely accepted or still a controversial technology?
    5. How does Capsule aim to democratize creativity through tools like g-roll?

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