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    Using A.I to Convert Real Footage To Animation | Computer Generated Cartoonization

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    Using A.I to Convert Real Footage To Animation | Computer Generated Cartoonization

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've delved into AI-related videos, but I'm back today with an exciting topic. In this article, we will explore how to combine two powerful AI software to turn real live videos into anime or cartoon-style animations without the need for digital drawing skills. Let's dive in!

    The process begins with using EB Synth, a free software primarily designed to convert video footage into stylized paintings. It requires individual frames of the source video in standard image file formats and at least one stylized keyframe as a reference. The keyframe is typically created by digitally painting the desired style on top of an original frame. However, an alternative AI tool can be used to auto-generate unique styles, making the process more accessible and efficient.

    After converting the video into an image sequence, the next step involves selecting keyframes for stylization. These keyframes should feature clear main subjects or significant changes in perspective. The chosen keyframes are then stylized using tools like the Prequel photo editing app, which offers a variety of AI filters including cartoon and anime styles.

    Once the keyframes are ready, EB Synth is used to stylize the individual frames of the video based on the reference keyframes. The stylized frames are exported and reassembled into a new video using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Additionally, running the animated video through AI-powered tools like Video Enhance AI can further enhance its quality and smoothness.

    Overall, this method provides impressive results in converting real footage into animated styles with minimal effort. While challenges may arise with complex movements or new objects in the footage, advancements in AI technology continue to improve the process.

    Keywords: AI, video transformation, animation, EB Synth, Prequel, video editing, AI filters, cartoon styles, anime styles, video enhancement


    1. Can this method be used for any type of video footage? The process works well for converting real footage into animation or cartoon styles. However, complex movements or rapidly changing scenes may require additional keyframes and manual adjustments for optimal results.

    2. Are there limitations to the file size or resolution when using these AI tools? While some tools may have restrictions on file size or resolution, adjustments can often be made within the software settings or through pre-processing of the source footage. Ensure compatibility with the chosen tools before beginning the conversion process.

    3. How long does the entire conversion process typically take? The duration of the transformation process can vary based on hardware specifications, video length, and the complexity of the source footage. Stylizing individual frames and reassembling them into a new video may require several minutes to complete, with additional time for optional enhancements.

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