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    Using AI To Automate Creating YouTube Shorts

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    Using AI To Automate Creating YouTube Shorts

    In an attempt to explore different online businesses and side hustles on TikTok to make ten thousand dollars by the end of the summer, a new method involving the use of AI for creating YouTube shorts was tested. The process began with the creation of a new YouTube channel with a matching profile picture, followed by seeking viral YouTube shorts niches from Chai GBT. Starting with the motivational content niche, an existing popular motivational speech was converted into text using a YouTube to MP3 converter and a transcribing AI. The transcribed speech was then fed into Chai GBT to generate a one-minute viral motivational speech, which was later narrated by AI using Eleven Labs. The final step involved editing the audio, adding captions using CapCut, and incorporating free stock images and videos from Pexels before uploading the content to YouTube. This automated process aimed to simplify the creation and uploading of YouTube shorts.


    YouTube shorts, AI automation, viral content, TikTok side hustles, online business, motivational speech, content creation


    1. How is AI utilized in creating YouTube shorts in this method?
      • AI is used to transcribe existing content, generate new speeches, narrate the generated speeches, and automate various aspects of content creation and editing.
    2. What tools were involved in the process of automating YouTube shorts creation?
      • The process utilized YouTube to MP3 converters, transcribing AIs, Chai GBT for speech generation, Eleven Labs for AI narration, CapCut for editing, and Pexels for free stock images and videos.
    3. What was the objective behind using AI to automate YouTube shorts creation?
      • The goal was to streamline the process of creating viral content on YouTube by leveraging AI technology to generate engaging speeches and automate the production of shorts.

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