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    Using CHATGPT To Generate Over 40,000 + Leads Per Month | Step-By-Step Guide

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    Using CHATGPT To Generate Over 40,000 + Leads Per Month | Step-By-Step Guide

    What up guys, back with another video! In this step-by-step guide, we will learn how to do lead generation in 2023 using Chat GPT. The process outlined here has helped generate over a million dollars in gross revenue and around 944k net sales. We will cover scraping leads with, using gmask for cold emails, and utilizing Chat GPT to write personalized emails. By following this guide consistently, you can generate a substantial number of leads and boost your business.

    Now, let's dive into the detailed process:

    1. Lead Generation with Scraping 30,000 to 40,000 emails monthly by specifying your target audience, like Ecom store owners, through platforms like Facebook.

    2. Email Organization: Importing the scraped data into Google Sheets, focusing on extracting names and emails for cold emailing purposes.

    3. Cold Emailing with gmask: Using gmask extension to send out personalized cold emails. Chatting with Chat GPT to craft compelling email content and booking calls with potential leads.

    Remember, consistency is key in this lead generation process. Following these steps diligently can lead to significant business growth and increased sales.


    Lead generation, Chat GPT,, gmask, cold emailing, personalized emails, scraping leads, business growth, sales


    Q: Can I use other tools instead of for lead scraping? A: Yes, while the guide recommends, you can use alternative tools for lead scraping as per your preference.

    Q: Is Chat GPT necessary for writing cold emails? A: Chat GPT is utilized in the guide for crafting personalized cold emails, but you can tailor the content manually if preferred.

    Q: How important is consistency in lead generation using this method? A: Consistency plays a crucial role in the success of lead generation. Regularly following the outlined steps can yield significant results in business growth and sales.

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