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    Using Kaiber to Make Insane AI Generated Music Videos in Minutes (With An AI Generated Song)

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    Using Kaiber to Make Insane AI Generated Music Videos in Minutes (With An AI Generated Song)

    Welcome to the Jungle in today's video, where we will embark on a journey to create an incredible AI-generated music video in just minutes. Featuring a catchy song about a dog named Lonnie, this video will showcase the power of AI in music creation and visual animation. Follow along as we break down the process step by step.

    To begin, we will utilize ChatGPT to generate the song lyrics, Voice Mod to create the singing part, and Mid-Journey combined with Kaiber to create stunning visuals. By leveraging these AI tools, you can bring your creative vision to life in a fast and efficient manner. Let's dive into the details of each tool and how they work together to make magic happen.

    1. ChatGPT: Generate song lyrics based on a simple prompt.
    2. Voice Mod: Choose a style and singer to create the singing part.
    3. Mid-Journey and Kaiber: Create images and animate them to match the song, generating an AI-driven music video.

    So, if you're ready to explore the world of AI-generated music videos and push the boundaries of creativity, let's get started on this exciting journey.


    AI-generated music video, Kaiber, ChatGPT, Voice Mod, Mid-Journey, creative vision, music creation, visual animation


    1. Can anyone use Kaiber to create AI-generated music videos, or is it geared towards professionals?
    2. How accurate are the AI-generated song lyrics generated by ChatGPT in terms of capturing the essence of a specific topic?
    3. Are there limitations to the styles and singers available in Voice Mod when creating the singing part of the music video?
    4. What level of artistic control can one maintain when using Mid-Journey and Kaiber to create visuals for the music video?
    5. Will the use of AI tools like Kaiber and ChatGPT revolutionize the music industry in terms of content creation and innovation?

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