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    Using the AI Analyst

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    Using the AI Analyst

    In a recent video, a new AI analyst tool was introduced as a way to assist users in interpreting, transforming, and summarizing their datasets. This AI analyst acts as a number-crunching sidekick, available 24/7 to help users make sense of the data they are working with.

    When using the AI analyst on a table of data, three key functionalities are offered to aid in data analysis:

    Quick Insights

    Quick insights provide a high-level overview of the dataset, highlighting important variables such as total spend, average CPC, and highest number of purchases. Users can copy the text for quick summaries or copy the formula for further analysis.

    Deep Dives

    Deep dives are pivot table summaries and trends from the dataset that delve one level deeper than top-level analysis. Users can insert suggested tables like campaign clicks and spent by date to gain deeper insights into the data.

    Conversational Queries

    Users can interact with their data by asking questions in natural language. The AI analyst can provide real-time analysis and responses to queries, generating tables or quick insights based on the user's request.

    This AI analyst tool aims to streamline data analysis processes, making it easier for users to understand and summarize their datasets efficiently.


    AI analyst, data analysis, dataset summarization, Quick Insights, Deep Dives, Conversational Queries


    1. What is the AI analyst tool introduced in the article?

      • The AI analyst is a new tool designed to assist users in making sense of their data through quick insights, deep dives, and conversational queries.
    2. How can users benefit from using the AI analyst?

      • Users can benefit from the AI analyst by receiving high-level overviews, detailed summaries, and real-time analysis of their datasets, enhancing their data analysis processes.
    3. Is the AI analyst available for all users?

      • Yes, the AI analyst is now available for everyone in all plans, allowing users at all levels to access its powerful data analysis capabilities.

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