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    Maybe we might think that the video that Ai made is a cool video. However, it turns out that their video can be very strange. Someone asked Ai to make a video about dogs and when it was finished, the shape and movements of this dog were very strange and looked like dark videos from the dark web.

    Some people even asked Ai to make a video advertising pizza and the results were really terrible. The longer the person in the commercial looks, the more strange it is and the pizza turns into a monster.

    Wow, if the advertisement is scary like this, who wants to buy it? So keep it up, guys, ability or skill humans are needed to create works.


    AI, video, strange, dark web, advertisement, pizza, monster, scary, skill, humans


    1. What kind of videos did Ai create that were considered strange?
    2. How did the videos Ai created for dogs and pizza turn out?
    3. Why were the advertisement videos created by Ai deemed scary and terrible?
    4. What was the message conveyed in the script regarding the need for human creativity in creating works?

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