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    VIDEO: Man arrested, charged after racist rant goes viral

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    VIDEO: Man arrested, charged after racist rant goes viral

    A South Jersey man, Edward Cagney Matthews, captured on camera delivering a racist tirade, remains in police custody following the incident. Matthews was filmed using racial slurs and epithets towards a neighbor, leading to his arrest and facing charges in Burlington County. The video of the incident went viral, sparking protests and raising questions about the handling of such behavior in the neighborhood.

    According to neighbors, Matthews' arrest shed light on a deeper issue of racism in the community, with activists claiming he had terrorized others before the video surfaced. The incident has prompted calls for a thorough review of the situation and justice for the victims of such behavior. Matthews currently awaits a hearing in jail, as authorities investigate further.


    Edward Cagney Matthews, racial tirade, viral video, arrest, charges, racism, protest, community reaction, neighborhood tensions


    1. What led to Edward Cagney Matthews' arrest?

      • Matthews was arrested after a video surfaced showing him delivering a racist tirade and using racial slurs towards a neighbor.
    2. How did the community react to Matthews' arrest?

      • The incident sparked protests and raised awareness about issues of racism and intolerance in the neighborhood.
    3. What actions are being taken following Matthews' arrest?

      • Authorities are conducting a thorough review of the situation, and activists are calling for justice for the victims of Matthews' alleged racist behavior.

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