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    The education no the parents let the kid back, did you know the cashews completion, did you know the turn shoes come from the fruit to pick you can choose from, did you know the cashews tongue. Okay now get this stuff out of my parents house. No Tim, you're the one who asked for my help. I didn't ask you for it. You don't have to thank me Tim. I'm gonna get out of here, I'm gonna go upload this to iTunes. It's gonna be a monumental hit, now. It's gonna be a bizarrely terrible song. I'm saying, you had to do it yourself, and that's why I charge $ 500. Oh, your voice is so annoying, man, it's so annoying. I've shaved everything for this set freaking door.

    Keyword: cashews, education, parents, music, viral, annoying, songwriting


    1. What is the main theme of the article?
    2. Who are the characters mentioned in the script?
    3. What is the significance of uploading the song to iTunes mentioned in the script?
    4. Why does one of the characters charge $ 500 for a task?
    5. What emotions are expressed by the characters in the dialogue?

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