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    Video AI is PURE HORROR - I typed "selfie" and regretted it

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    Video AI is PURE HORROR - I typed "selfie" and regretted it

    In the world of artificial intelligence, there is no shortage of amusement. However, when it comes to AI art, things can quickly become hilariously horrifying. The recent release of Runway's Gen 2 AI has taken things to a whole new level by allowing users to generate videos based on any text input. Little did I know that typing something as innocent as "selfie" would unleash a wave of unsettling and creepy content.

    Starting off relatively benign, the generated video showed a person who appeared to have two heads, connected and engaged in conversation. This oddity was uncomfortable but not too alarming. Another video depicted a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie, but her eyes seemed off, giving a creepy vibe.

    As the videos showcased more individuals engaging with the camera, the uncanny valley effect became pronounced. They almost seemed to be breaking the fourth wall, staring directly at the viewer and creating an unsettling feeling. Some videos even became too intense for the AI itself, prompting warnings not to proceed.

    With each new video, the horror escalated. Images became distorted, with long mouths and eerie eyes. Some were reminiscent of horror movie scenes, like something out of "Wreck" or found footage films. The AI's ability to create realistic visuals added an extra layer of discomfort. The generated videos seemed like forbidden footage that we were not meant to see.

    Despite the increasing horror, I pressed on, typing "scary selfie" to take things a notch higher. The result was a cascade of grotesque figures, alien-like creatures, and distorted faces that bordered on nightmarish. Each video had its own unique blend of terror, from multiple mouths and noses to bloodied features and disfigured body parts.

    It is worth noting that some videos strayed into explicit and disturbing territory, which necessitated blurring to adhere to content guidelines. The AI's ability to create such unsettling visuals led me to ponder what new horrors await as AI technology evolves. What will typing "scary selfie" generate in the future?

    In conclusion, the rapid advancements in AI technology, particularly in the realm of video generation, can produce astonishing and disturbing results. While it provides endless possibilities for creativity, it also delves into dark and terrifying realms. The fine line between amusement and horror becomes blurred as AI delves into the uncanny valley, evoking a sense of fear and discomfort.


    AI art, horror, unsettling, AI-generated videos, self-expression, uncanny valley, creepy visuals, boundary-pushing, content restrictions, evolving technology


    Q: What is AI art? AI art refers to the creation of art using artificial intelligence algorithms. It allows machines to generate creative content, including images, music, videos, and more.

    Q: How does Runway's Gen 2 AI work? Runway's Gen 2 AI enables users to create videos based on text inputs. It uses advanced algorithms to generate visuals that match the given text description.

    Q: Why is AI-generated art often unsettling or creepy? AI-generated art can be unsettling due to the uncanny valley effect. When AI tries to mimic human features, it often falls short, creating visuals that are almost but not quite realistic. This discrepancy can trigger a sense of discomfort or fear in viewers.

    Q: Are there any limitations or content restrictions when using AI-generated videos? Yes, there are content restrictions when using AI-generated videos. Some generated visuals may contain explicit or disturbing imagery that goes against content guidelines. It is important to consider these limitations when working with AI-generated content.

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