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    Video Games but they're imagined by an Ai

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    Video Games but They're Imagined by an AI

    Note: This article is a rewritten version of the script from a video.

    In recent times, I have been experimenting with the second generation of artificial intelligence (AI) capable of generating videos. This AI, developed by Runway, allows you to input any text and it will generate a four-second video clip based on your input. The results can be quite fascinating, reminiscent of games like Mid-Journey and Dolly, but in video format. Although still in its early stages, I find these AI-generated videos incredibly impressive, offering a glimpse into the future. This article will showcase some of the interesting results I obtained by inputting variations of video game terms into the AI.

    N64 Gameplay Variations

    Exploring different game titles, I discovered that typing "Halo 3 gameplay" generated a self-corrected, albeit warped, first-person left-handed character exploring an environment. By typing "N64 game," the AI produced a variety of captivating results. The N64 keyword seemed to yield the best outcomes. While still maintaining the 4:3 ratio, the videos often filled the sides with HUD elements and radars.

    One peculiar aspect of these N64 gameplay variations was the stationary nature of some clips. For example, clouds moved while the environment remained still, or only a single element, such as a character, would exhibit movement. However, amidst the chaos, there were moments of coherence, such as recognizable characters from games like Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64.

    Experimenting with Other Platforms and Consoles

    Switching platforms, I tried generating videos with keywords like "PS1 game," "PS5 gameplay," "GameCube gameplay," and more. Each input produced its own distinctive results. Some videos depicted surreal and abstract scenes, while others displayed recognizable game characteristics. The AI performed particularly well when tasked with generating videos related to Counter-Strike and Spider-Man.


    • AI-generated videos
    • Second generation AI
    • Runway's Gen 2 AI
    • Video game simulation
    • N64 gameplay
    • First-person shooter (FPS) games
    • Character movement and environment distortion
    • Recognizable game titles


    Q: Is this AI technology capable of creating realistic video game experiences?
    A: While the AI-generated videos successfully capture certain game elements, such as environments, characters, and gameplay mechanics, they often exhibit chaotic and surreal characteristics. Realistic experiences may still be a long way off.

    Q: How does the AI handle different platforms and consoles?
    A: The AI produces videos based on the input keywords, attempting to simulate gameplay from the specified platform or console. Results can range from abstract and bizarre to somewhat recognizable and coherent.

    Q: Will AI-generated videos become indistinguishable from real gameplay in the future?
    A: The advancement of AI technology is accelerating, and it is likely that AI-generated videos will become increasingly realistic in the near future. However, perfect replication of game experiences may still be a subject of debate.

    Q: Can AI-generated videos be used for real game development?
    A: While AI-generated videos offer creative and intriguing visuals, they lack the interactive nature and complex game mechanics required for actual game development. AI can play a role in generating ideas or enhancing certain aspects, but human designers and developers are still crucial for creating compelling gameplay experiences.

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