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    Video Script Template: How to Write Video Scripts with "The Fish" (Step-by-Step)

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    Video Script Template: How to Write Video Scripts with "The Fish" (Step-by-Step)

    In this article, we will explore how to effectively write video scripts using the "Fish" structure. The Fish structure involves dividing the script into three key parts: introduction, story, and call to action. We will provide examples of scripts for different contexts and industries to demonstrate the application of this template.

    Let's start by examining a script written for an e-learning video introducing the DISC framework for assessing personality profiles in teams or organizations. The script provides a brief overview of DISC, presents examples of different personality types, and concludes with a call to action. This structure helps engage the audience while effectively conveying information.

    Next, we will delve into a script crafted for a marketing video showcasing a modern accounting firm founded by young professionals. The script follows the Fish structure by beginning with an introduction about the firm's approach, detailing the story of its inception, and concluding with a call to action for viewers to learn more about the services offered. This script exemplifies how the Fish structure can be tailored to different industries and business contexts.

    By following the Fish structure, you can create compelling video scripts that capture the audience's attention, deliver engaging content, and prompt desired actions. Whether for educational purposes or marketing initiatives, mastering the art of scriptwriting with the Fish template can enhance the impact of your videos.


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    1. How can the Fish structure enhance the effectiveness of video scripts?
    2. What are the key components of the Fish structure for writing video scripts?
    3. Can the Fish template be adapted to different industries and contexts for video production?

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