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    VideoProc Converter - Complete Tutorial for Beginners

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    VideoProc Converter - Complete Tutorial for Beginners

    VideoProc Converter is a powerful and versatile video conversion tool that allows you to convert, edit, and process your videos with ease. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will walk you through all the features and functions of VideoProc Converter, providing step-by-step instructions to help you make the most of this software.

    Table of Contents

    1. Check the Settings

    Before we dive into the video editing process, it is essential to check and adjust the settings in VideoProc Converter. Start by clicking on the Settings icon at the bottom of the interface. Here, you can choose the default output format, enable hardware acceleration for faster processing, and specify the output folder for your converted videos. Take a moment to explore all the options and customize them according to your preferences.

    2. Video Editing Tools

    Now that we have the settings in place, let's explore the various video editing tools available in VideoProc Converter. We'll use a drone video as an example to demonstrate the editing process.

    2.1 Cutting Videos

    To remove unwanted portions of a video, select the video and click on the Cut icon. Set the start and end points for the cut and click Done to save the changes. You can then export the trimmed video.

    2.2 Cropping Videos

    If you want to crop the video instead of cutting it, select the video and click on the Crop icon. Adjust the crop area and click Done to save the changes. The video will be exported with the desired crop.

    2.3 Rotating and Flipping Videos

    VideoProc Converter allows you to rotate a video left or right and flip it horizontally or vertically. Simply select the video and click on the Rotate or Flip icons to apply the desired transformation. Click Done and export the video to see the changes.

    2.4 Speeding Up or Slowing Down Videos

    You can change the playback speed of a video by adjusting the audio/video settings. Click on Audio & Video and use the sliders to speed up or slow down the video. Experiment with different values and click Done to see the effect.

    2.5 Muting Videos

    To mute a video and remove the audio, go to Audio & Video and disable all audio tracks. This will create a video without any audio.

    2.6 Adding Watermarks

    VideoProc Converter allows you to add text or image watermarks to your videos. Go to the Watermark section and enable the watermark option. You can enter your own text or choose an image as the watermark. Adjust the position, size, transparency, and other settings. Click Done to apply the watermark and export the video.

    2.7 Applying Effects

    If you want to enhance or alter the visual appearance of your videos, you can use the Effects feature. Click on Effects and choose from a range of presets like negating the colors, adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and gamma. Apply the desired effect, click Done, and export the video to see the changes.

    2.8 Stabilizing Shaky Footage

    If you have shaky footage, VideoProc Converter provides a handy D-Shake tool to stabilize the video. Select the video and go to Toolbox > D-Shake. Adjust the shakiness level, accuracy, step-size, and minimum contrast. Click Done to stabilize the video.

    2.9 Decreasing Fisheye Effect

    To reduce the fisheye effect in videos shot with wide-angle lenses, select the video and go to Toolbox > Fisheye. Adjust the correction parameters like focal point, quadratic correction term, and threshold. Preview the changes and click Done to apply the correction.

    2.10 Adding Subtitles

    If you have a subtitle file, you can add subtitles to your videos. Go to the Subtitle section and choose the subtitle file (SRT or ASS format). Make any adjustments to the position, size, and style. Click Done to embed the subtitles into your video.

    3. Advanced Edits

    VideoProc Converter offers several advanced editing options for more precise control over your videos. Let's explore a couple of these options.

    3.1 Splitting Videos

    You can split a video into equal parts using the Split tool. Go to Toolbox > Split and choose the desired splitting method (equal parts or quantity of seconds). Click Done and export the video to see the split segments.

    3.2 Merging Videos

    To merge multiple videos together, select the videos you want to merge and go to Toolbox > Merge. Adjust the output settings and click Run to combine the videos into one file.

    4. Converting and Compressing Videos

    One of the primary features of VideoProc Converter is its ability to convert and compress videos. Let's take a look at how you can convert videos from one format to another and reduce their file size.

    4.1 Format Conversion

    To convert a video from one format to another, select the video and choose the target format under Video. Adjust any additional settings, such as quality or resolution, and click Done. Export the video to convert it to the desired format.

    4.2 File Compression

    If you have a large video file that you want to make smaller, VideoProc Converter provides multiple ways to compress it. You can reduce the quality, adjust the GOP, lower the frame rate, decrease the bitrate, lower the resolution, or modify the audio settings. Experiment with these options to achieve the desired file size. Click Run to compress the video.

    5. Recording Options

    VideoProc Converter also offers powerful screen recording capabilities. Let's explore these options.

    5.1 Full Screen Recording

    You can record your entire screen by selecting Screen and clicking Record. Choose the desired screen if you have multiple displays connected. The recording will start after a countdown, and you can stop it by clicking the Stop button in the menu bar.

    5.2 Partial Screen Recording

    If you only want to record a specific area of your screen, select Crop and choose the desired region. Click the tick button to confirm the crop, and then click Record to start the partial screen recording. Stop the recording using the Stop button.

    5.3 Screen and Webcam Recording

    VideoProc Converter allows you to combine screen recording with webcam footage. Select Screen and Camera and adjust the settings as desired. You can record both your screen and webcam simultaneously. Click Record to start recording and click Stop when finished.

    5.4 Audio Recording Options

    VideoProc Converter lets you choose between recording system sounds, external microphone, or iPhone audio. Adjust the audio settings as needed, and make sure to select the appropriate source for your recordings.

    5.5 Using Phone as Webcam

    You can utilize your phone as a webcam by connecting it to your computer. Select your phone's camera from the options menu, adjust the quality settings, and click done. Your phone will act as a webcam, and you can record using this setup.

    6. DVD Conversion

    VideoProc Converter also allows you to convert DVDs into digital formats, preserving your precious memories. To do this, insert the DVD into your computer and choose the DVD option. VideoProc Converter will detect the DVD, analyze its contents, and display the available titles. Select the title you want to convert, adjust any settings if needed, and click Run. The DVD will be converted into the specified format, ready for digital use.


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