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    Vimeo Releasing Three AI Tools at Once | AI Resolve

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    Vimeo Releasing Three AI Tools at Once | AI Resolve

    Vimeo has recently announced the launch of a new suite of AI-powered tools designed to simplify video creation and editing. These tools cater to entry-level video creators, offering features such as a script generator, a teleprompter, and a text-based video editor that can remove filler words and pauses. The AI-backed script generator can create video scripts based on a brief description, tone, and desired length. The aim behind these tools is to make video creation as accessible as text or image-based communication, with the goal of enhancing the overall user experience and streamlining the production process.

    The new features, which include a script generator, teleprompter, and text-based video editor, will be available to users under Vimeo's standard plan starting from July 17th, with a monthly price of twenty dollars. This user-friendly approach to video production is expected to reduce the need for multiple takes and make video creation easier for employees and social media managers.


    Vimeo, AI tools, video creation, script generator, teleprompter, text-based video editor, user experience


    1. What AI tools has Vimeo recently introduced? Vimeo has introduced a suite of AI-powered tools, including a script generator, teleprompter, and text-based video editor.

    2. Who is the target audience for Vimeo's AI tools? The AI tools are aimed at entry-level video creators, such as employees and social media managers, to make video creation and editing easier.

    3. When will these new AI tools be available to users? The features will be available from July 17th under Vimeo's standard plan, priced at twenty dollars per month.

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