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    Viral AI Video Editing Tutorial || How To Make Videos Using AI || Instagram Trending Reels Editing

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    Viral AI Video Editing Tutorial || How To Make Videos Using AI || Instagram Trending Reels Editing

    In this article, we will delve into a detailed tutorial on creating viral videos using AI technology. The script outlined a step-by-step guide on how to edit videos from inception to completion, including adding text, background music, and generating the final output.

    1. Opening Google and Starting the Editing Process: The script begins with opening Google and searching for specific images based on gender. It instructs on selecting images, creating a video, and starting the editing process.

    2. Adding Text and Background: It explains how to add text in Hindi, select genders, paste scripts, choose colors, and design text elements to enhance the video's appeal.

    3. Finalizing and Saving the Video: After editing the video, the script guides on how to save the video in high resolution, choose expert settings, and save it to the gallery.


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    1. How do I start creating a viral video using AI technology? The script suggests starting by opening Google, searching for specific images, creating a video, and following the step-by-step guide provided for editing.

    2. What elements can be added to enhance video editing? The script details adding text in Hindi, selecting genders, pasting scripts, choosing colors, and designing text elements to improve the video's aesthetic.

    3. How can I finalize and save my edited video? After completing the editing process, the script instructs on saving the video in high resolution, utilizing expert settings, and saving the final product to the gallery for sharing on social media platforms.

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