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    Viral Counting Crochet Hook Goes WRONG!

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    Viral Counting Crochet Hook Goes WRONG!

    Alicia from Littlejohn's Yarns reviews the Counting Crochet Hook in this detailed article. The crochet hook, advertised to eliminate the need for counting stitches, was priced at $ 49.99. Alicia was intrigued by the promise of no more counting while crocheting and decided to give it a try. However, upon unboxing and testing the hook, she encountered various issues and found it to be more tedious than helpful.

    Alicia found that the hook's design made it uncomfortable to use for counting stitches. She compared it to a finger row counter, which she found to be more functional and cost-effective. The crochet hook's ergonomic feel was a pro, but she ultimately concluded that for its price, it did not offer significant benefits over traditional methods of stitch counting.

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    1. Is the counting crochet hook worth the investment?

      • According to Alicia's review, the counting crochet hook was not considered worth the price due to its functionality compared to more affordable alternatives like finger row counters.
    2. What were some of the issues Alicia faced with the counting crochet hook?

      • Alicia found the design of the counting crochet hook to be uncomfortable for counting stitches, leading her to prefer using traditional methods or other tools like finger row counters.
    3. What was Alicia's overall rating for the counting crochet hook?

      • Alicia rated the counting crochet hook with only one ball of yarn out of five, indicating her dissatisfaction with the product.

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