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    Vision 2023 - Internal Communications Video | LinkedIn Video Maker | Outro Feature

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    Vision 2023 - Internal Communications Video | LinkedIn Video Maker | Outro Feature

    The new year is fast approaching, and as we reflect on the events of 2022 through videos on social media, it's essential not to overlook the significance of our workplace in our lives. Creating internal communication videos for events like New Year's can bring teams together, foster celebration, and set goals for the upcoming year, boosting motivation and gratitude within the team. In this tutorial, we will explore how to create an internal communications video that reflects an organization's work culture, vision, and goals while being shareable on LinkedIn, with a special Pro tip at the end.

    To begin the process, log in to, a platform offering various video-making use cases for different platforms. Select the LinkedIn video maker option, and choose between animated or live videos. Opt for the script live option to transform your script into a video format. Customize your video by selecting dimensions, themes, scenes, and editing text for clarity. Add high-definition images or videos, change text layout and color themes, trim and scale the video, and enhance it with upbeat audio and voice-over options.

    A standout feature of is the outro feature, allowing you to add your business logo and end credits professionally, enabling clients to reach out for future collaboration. Decide on a consistent tone for your internal communications video to maintain content coherence, ensuring elements like humor or candid photography align with the chosen tone. With's support for all modifications, creating a tailored video to engage your team is simple and efficient. In just five steps, you can craft a captivating video for your team, setting the stage for a promising year ahead. Happy video making and a prosperous New Year to all!


    • Internal Communications Video
    • LinkedIn Video Maker
    • Post-Year Reflection
    • Team Celebration
    • Workplace Motivation


    1. Can I use for creating videos for platforms other than LinkedIn?
      • Yes, offers a range of use cases for different platforms like marketing video maker, YouTube, and Instagram video maker, catering to various video-making needs.
    2. How can the outro feature in benefit my videos?
      • The outro feature in allows you to add business logos and end credits professionally, enabling potential clients to reach out for future collaborations, providing a polished ending touch to your videos.
    3. Why is it important to maintain a consistent tone in internal communications videos?
      • Consistency in tone helps in keeping the message unified and engaging for the audience. Whether it's humor, candid photography, or any other element, aligning it with the chosen tone enhances the overall impact of the video on the viewers.

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