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    WORLD’s First AI generated MUSIC VIDEO

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    WORLD's First AI generated MUSIC VIDEO

    In a world where AI tools are constantly evolving, there are speculations that video editing may eventually be replaced by AI. To put this theory to the test, YouTuber and filmmaker, Gal, set out on a challenge to create a fully animated music video using AI tools. With a budget constraint of $ 200, Gal embarked on a journey to make this project a reality.

    The first step was to find a recording artist to collaborate with. Gal reached out to Heartbreak Kid, an Indian recording artist he discovered on Musicbed, a platform he uses to license high-quality music for his YouTube videos. Heartbreak Kid was immediately intrigued by the idea and agreed to be a part of the project. Musicbed also came on board to sponsor and fund the making of the video.

    Once the collaboration was established, Gal began the process of developing the concept and story for the music video. He created an audio-visual editing script using Google Docs, mapping out the lyrics and visuals he envisioned for the video. This served as a brainstorming tool and helped in shaping the narrative.

    To bring the concept to life, Gal researched and downloaded stock video clips that aligned with the script. He then used Runway gen 1 AI tool to generate animations from these clips. By providing text prompts and locking certain parameters, Gal was able to achieve a retro comic book style for the generated animations.

    The process of generating animations took a significant amount of time, but the use of AI significantly accelerated the workflow compared to traditional animation methods. After generating over a hundred animations, Gal imported them into Premiere Pro and combined them with live-action footage provided by Heartbreak Kid.

    To enhance the visual experience, Gal applied transitions and effects, such as digital transitions and shakes, to create a cohesive and dynamic music video. Submachine, a plugin, was used to animate the lyrics automatically, further adding to the visual appeal.

    Upon completion, Gal shared the music video with Heartbreak Kid, capturing their surprised and excited reactions through the Riverside platform. The artist was thrilled with the final result, which will now serve as their official music video for the song "Showtime."

    Through the collaborative efforts of Gal, Heartbreak Kid, and the AI tools, the world's first AI-generated music video came to fruition. This project showcases the possibilities of AI in the creative process while also highlighting the essential role of human creativity and storytelling.

    Keywords: AI tools, video editing, music video, collaboration, stock video clips, Runway gen 1 AI, Premiere Pro, animations, retro comic book style, transitions, Submachine plugin, lyric animation, Riverside, creative process, human creativity, storytelling.


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    4. How did Gal incorporate live-action footage into the music video?
    5. What were some challenges faced during the project?
    6. How did Heartbreak Kid react to the final music video?
    7. What role did Musicbed play in the project?
    8. What is the significance of this project in relation to AI and video editing?

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