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    Watch AI Make Video Games in Seconds

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    Watch AI Make Video Games in Seconds

    AI has made significant advancements in various fields, including its ability to create video games. A recent development in AI-powered game engines has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. These game engines can generate a complete video game from scratch with just a few prompts. One such engine is Dreamin, which allows users to create games easily and quickly.

    Dreamin provides a game gallery where users can explore games that have already been created using the AI engine. Currently, the engine can generate murder mystery-type games, where players have to solve a secret by interacting with non-player characters (NPCs). One example is the game "Feed My Cats," where players have to determine the favorite food of a cat named Cena by asking NPC cats.

    The game engine is still in its early stages, but it already shows promising results. The generated games have a level of interactivity, with NPCs providing clues and responses based on the player's prompts. In the case of "Feed My Cats," the player can ask various food options, and Cena's reactions help determine the correct answer.

    The article proceeds to demonstrate the game engine's capabilities by creating unique games. One game, "Saucy School Grounds Dating Simulator," recreates the author's own game with a twist. The game involves a date with a monstrous character named Marcus Lunkis, who can only respond with "monkeys." Players must discover Marcus' favorite food to ensure a successful date.

    Another game created is "Grand Theft Auto 6," where players need to find a passcode to rob a bank vault. The author designs a complex puzzle where characters provide clues and information about the passcode. The game involves talking to various NPCs, including a surfer, a secretary, and a janitor with arachnophobia, to gather the necessary information.

    The article also shares the experience of a friend with no game development background who successfully creates a Minecraft-inspired game using the AI game engine. The friend designs a game where the player must collect materials to craft a pickaxe by interacting with villagers. The AI engine generates dialogues and responses based on the prompts.

    Overall, AI game engines like Dreamin have opened up possibilities for creating video games without coding knowledge. These engines streamline the game development process, allowing users to bring their ideas to life quickly and easily.

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    1. Can anyone use AI game engines to create video games? Yes, AI game engines like Dreamin are designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone, even those without coding experience, to create video games.

    2. What types of games can be created using AI game engines? Currently, AI game engines can generate games with murder mystery elements or other interactive storylines. However, the potential for creating various game genres is vast and may expand in the future.

    3. Are AI-generated games as engaging as manually developed games? While AI-generated games may lack the intricacies and unique experiences of manually developed games, they still offer engaging gameplay and the ability to create interactive storylines.

    4. Can AI game engines replace human game developers? AI game engines complement human game developers by automating certain aspects of game creation. They serve as a tool to speed up the development process and introduce new possibilities, but human creativity and expertise are still vital in creating truly innovative and unique games.

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