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    We Paid People on FIVERR To Make TikTok Dropshipping Ads

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    We Paid People on FIVERR To Make TikTok Dropshipping Ads

    For this video, the creator engaged three different designers on Fiverr to produce TikTok advertisements for a specific product. Each designer was assigned a different price point, and their resulting ads were reviewed. The first ad, the cheapest at $ 10, was deemed acceptable but lacking in variety of footage. The second ad, priced at $ 20, showed more effort but suffered from poorly designed text. The third ad, the most expensive at $ 30, fell short with only 15 seconds of content instead of the promised 30 seconds. Overall, the first and third ads were considered the best, with the second ad ranking lower due to its text design and length discrepancies.


    TikTok, Fiverr, Dropshipping, Advertisement, Designers, Pricing, Review, Effort, Voiceover, Music, Crops, Text, Duration


    1. How many designers were hired to create the TikTok ads?
    2. What were the price points for each ad?
    3. What aspects of the ads were analyzed in the review?
    4. Were revisions allowed for the ads?
    5. Which ad was considered the most valuable in terms of content and pricing?

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