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    We tried 100 AI Tools: These are the BEST for Music & Marketing

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    We Tried 100 AI Tools: These are the BEST for Music & Marketing

    AI technology is rapidly evolving and making its way into various industries, including music and marketing. In this article, we will discuss the top AI tools that we tested and found to be the best for assisting with music production, marketing content, and social media management. These tools can help streamline your creative process and enhance your career, without replacing your unique talent and skills.

    Music AI Tools

    1. Mubert: A music-making tool that allows you to input your desired genre or keywords to generate custom songs. It also has a beta function for reference tracks, although it is still in its early stages.

    2. Soundraw: Another music-making AI tool that offers customizable options for creating tracks based on genre, mood, and tempo. While it is beginner-friendly, it lacks advanced features.

    3. Wave Tool: This AI tool combines a digital audio workstation (DAW) with chat GPT functionality, allowing you to type in your music preferences and receive customized suggestions. It's a great tool for music inspiration and experimentation.

    4. Fake you: With hundreds of different voices to choose from, Fake you is a deep fake text-to-speech tool perfect for genres that involve spoken phrases. It can help you create unique vocal elements for your music.

    Marketing AI Tools

    1. Kyber: A picture-to-video or video-to-video application that quickly generates video designs based on your inputs, including keywords, effects, and style preferences. It is still in early stages of development.

    2. RunwayML: This AI tool offers a range of features, including text-to-video and video-to-video tools. It allows you to input content and customize it with effects, making it ideal for creating music videos and social media content.

    3. Mid-journey: A Discord-based AI tool that creates high-quality images from text commands. It is perfect for producing cover art, social media content, and other visual elements for your music brand.

    4. 11 Labs: With its cloning AI voice tool, 11 Labs allows you to input text and generate voice recordings with hundreds of different voices. It can speed up your music production process when it involves spoken phrases.

    These AI tools provide valuable assistance in various aspects of music production and marketing, offering inspiration, efficient content creation, and customization options.


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    1. Can AI tools replace human creativity in music production? No, AI tools cannot replace human creativity. While they can provide inspiration and assist with certain tasks, they are based on existing data and cannot generate entirely new ideas.

    2. Can these AI tools help with creating music videos and visual content? Yes, several AI tools mentioned in the article, such as Kyber, RunwayML, and Mid-journey, offer features specifically designed for creating videos and visual content for marketing and branding purposes.

    3. Are these AI tools suitable for all music genres? Most AI tools can be used across various music genres. However, some tools, like Fake you and 11 Labs, are particularly useful for genres that include spoken phrases or vocals.

    4. Are these AI tools beginner-friendly? Some of the mentioned AI tools, such as Soundraw and Mid-journey, are beginner-friendly with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward functionalities. Others, like Wave Tool, may require a basic understanding of music production concepts.

    5. Are there any ethical concerns with using AI tools in music and marketing? AI technology raises ethical considerations, particularly in terms of copyright infringement and misrepresentation. It is important to use AI tools responsibly and respect legal and ethical boundaries while creating and sharing content.

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