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    We used Adobe's NEW A.I. for VIDEO!! (it's scary)

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    We used Adobe's NEW A.I. for VIDEO!! (it's scary)

    Hey everyone! It's amazing to see the support we received after the robbery in our studio. Thanks to your donations, we were able to purchase a brand new Blackmagic pocket cinema camera. Exciting news - the 5D deal is coming up, with over $ 10,000 in prizes. Also, Adobe has unleashed a new A.I. tool in Photoshop called Generative Fill as part of Project Firefly. This tool allows for quick content editing in photos. Curious how we used this tool in our filmmaking workflow? Keep reading to find out more!

    In the article, we dive into the use of Adobe's new A.I. tool, Generative Fill, in our filmmaking process. We discuss how this tool revolutionizes tasks like creating clean plates and set extensions, making the workflow more efficient and creative. From using Storyblocks for stock assets to incorporating the A.I. tool in After Effects and Photoshop, our process showcases the power of leveraging technology in filmmaking.


    Adobe, A.I. tool, Generative Fill, filmmaking, clean plates, set extensions, Storyblocks, stock assets, After Effects, Photoshop, efficiency, creativity, technology.


    • How does Generative Fill in Photoshop enhance the filmmaking process?
    • What are some benefits of using A.I. tools like Generative Fill in video production?
    • Can you explain the workflow of incorporating A.I. tools in filmmaking?
    • Where can I find resources like stock assets for my video projects?

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