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    Website Paying $100 Per Hour For Watching TIKTOK Videos- Easy Side Hustle - Make Money Online

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    Website Paying $ 100 Per Hour For Watching TIKTOK Videos- Easy Side Hustle - Make Money Online

    A company is offering a unique opportunity to earn $ 100 per hour by simply watching TikTok videos. The company behind this initiative, Ubiquitous, is a reputable marketing agency that works with influencers and brands. They are currently seeking individuals to binge-watch TikTok videos to identify emerging trends.

    Applicants are required to subscribe to Ubiquitous' YouTube channel, fill out an application form, and optionally tag the company on Twitter. The ideal candidates should have a TikTok account, be familiar with the platform, have an eye for trends, and be at least 18 years old. Three chosen participants will receive $ 1000 each for their time.

    If interested, applicants need to act quickly as the deadline for applications is May 31, 2023. Winners will be notified seven days after the closing date. This opportunity is not a regular job but a one-time competition. Participants will be asked to share their experiences on their preferred social media platform and report any notable trends they observe while watching TikTok videos.

    For more details and to apply, interested individuals can follow the instructions outlined in the video or visit Ubiquitous' website. Take advantage of this easy side hustle and start making money from the comfort of your own home.


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    1. What is the company Ubiquitous offering individuals regarding TikTok videos?
    • Ubiquitous is offering to pay individuals $ 100 per hour for watching TikTok videos to identify emerging trends.
    1. What are the requirements to apply for this opportunity?
    • The requirements include subscribing to Ubiquitous' YouTube channel, filling out an application form, being active on social media, and optionally tagging the company on Twitter.
    1. How many winners will be selected for this TikTok video watching opportunity?
    • Only three winners will be chosen to receive $ 1000 each for watching TikTok videos and noting down emerging trends.
    1. Is this opportunity a regular job or a one-time competition?
    • This opportunity is not a regular job but a one-time competition where participants will watch TikTok videos for a specific period to identify trends.

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