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    What You NEED to Do Before Writing Your VOICEOVER SCRIPT

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    What You NEED to Do Before Writing Your VOICEOVER SCRIPT

    In today's video, we're going to be exploring the essential steps you should take before actually writing your voiceover script for a video. The goal is to create a script that sounds natural and authentic, as if you're having a conversation rather than reading from a script. This method, inspired by NPR writers, focuses on capturing your speaking voice to make your script more organic. Let's dive into the process.

    First, jot down bullet points of the key topics you want to cover in your voiceover. Then, record yourself on your phone discussing these points as if you're explaining them to someone else in a casual conversation. Don't worry about mistakes; just keep going. After recording, listen to the playback and note the parts you like. Transcribe these parts exactly as you said them, even if they aren't perfectly grammatical. This approach will help you create a script that truly reflects your natural way of speaking.

    For example, when I tested this method with a podcast episode, the script crafted from how I naturally spoke sounded more fluid and conversational compared to a script written without first speaking it out loud. By following this process, you can ensure your voiceover script captures your authentic voice, making your content more engaging and relatable.

    If you're looking to enhance the authenticity of your voiceover scripts and make them resonate with your audience, give this method a try before your next project.

    Stay updated on upcoming filming and editing tutorials, YouTube assignments, and more by subscribing to Tom teaches YouTube. Join me in the journey to create compelling and natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos. See you in the next video!


    • Voiceover script
    • Natural speaking
    • NPR method
    • Conversation-style script
    • Authenticity


    • How can I ensure my voiceover script sounds natural and authentic?
    • Why is it important to speak out your script before writing it down?
    • What benefits can a conversational-style script bring to my video content?
    • How can I improve the engagement of my audience through authentic voiceovers?

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