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    What is the best strategy to grow your TikTok account FAST Go viral every time with this #tiktok2022

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    What is the best strategy to grow your TikTok account FAST Go viral every time with this #tiktok2022

    If you have just started on TikTok and are looking to hack the algorithm to quickly grow your account and increase your chances of going viral, one approach is to find a benchmark influencer to emulate. This technique involves identifying a successful influencer in the Chinese TikTok community and studying their strategies to replicate their success. By following this method, you can increase your chances of gaining followers and engagement on the platform.

    To implement this strategy, search for a popular Chinese TikTok influencer, such as bellaporch, and subscribe to the accounts related to them. Study the content on the benchmark influencer's account and analyze their best-performing videos. Aim to mimic their approach or even recreate their successful videos with your own twist. While directly copying may not be sustainable in the long run, it can provide insights into effective content strategies that resonate with TikTok audiences.

    As you begin to see stable growth in your account and engagement levels, you can start incorporating your creativity into your content. Remember, TikTok rewards engagement and visibility, so focusing on content that performs well and learning from successful influencers can help you establish a strong presence on the platform.


    • TikTok growth strategy
    • Viral content
    • Influencer emulation
    • Chinese TikTok influencers
    • Content strategy


    • Q: Is it beneficial to follow and study successful Chinese TikTok influencers to grow my account?
      • A: Yes, analyzing the strategies of popular influencers can provide valuable insights into effective content creation and audience engagement on TikTok.
    • Q: Can directly copying content from a benchmark influencer lead to long-term success on the platform?
      • A: While mimicking successful content can help understand audience preferences, it's important to adapt and infuse your creativity to sustain growth and engagement over time.

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