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    Who's the hottest guy/girl in the school

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    Who's the hottest guy/girl in the school

    The article explores opinions on who the most attractive individuals are in a high school setting. Conversations among students reveal a variety of names being mentioned as the most attractive guys and girls at the school. From Liam Corbin and Jayden Wanji to Maya Parker and Spencer Sierra, different names are suggested by different students. Ratings out of ten are provided for some individuals, showcasing varying opinions on attractiveness. The interactions capture the candid and sometimes humorous responses given by students when asked about their peers' attractiveness.


    Liam Corbin, Maya Parker, Jayden Wanji, Spencer Sierra, ratings, high school, attractiveness, opinions


    1. What are some names mentioned as the most attractive individuals in the high school?
    2. How do different students rate their peers' attractiveness on a scale of ten?
    3. What are some humorous responses given by students when asked about the hottest guys and girls in school?
    4. How do students react when their own attractiveness is rated by their peers?
    5. What is the general tone of the conversations regarding attractiveness in the high school setting?

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