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    Why Sam Altman was FIRED | What is AI explained by Abhi and Niyu

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    Why Sam Altman was FIRED | What is AI explained by Abhi and Niyu


    In recent news, the firing of Sam Altman, the CEO of Open AI, has caused a stir in the AI industry. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the situation, as well as explain the stages of AI and its future implications.

    Open AI and the Firing of Sam Altman

    Open AI, a prominent AI organization, was formed in 2015 as a non-profit organization. However, in 2019, it transformed into a for-profit company under the leadership of Sam Altman. The firing of Sam Altman, who was also the CEO of Open AI, came as a surprise to many. The board of directors accused him of not being candid with them, suggesting that he was hiding something. The details of what he might have been hiding remain unknown.

    The Stages of AI

    To understand the development of AI, it is crucial to recognize the different stages it goes through. The seven stages of AI are as follows:

    1. Rule-Based AI System: This stage involves AI that follows predetermined rules but cannot invent new ones or understand their meaning.
    2. Context-Aware Systems: AI in this stage has the ability to understand and learn from previous experiences, such as in a game of chess.
    3. Domain-Specific Mastery: AI achieves knowledge and expertise in specific domains, applying information and solving problems within those areas.
    4. Thinking and Reasoning AI: AI at this stage can comprehend emotions, motivations, and reasoning, allowing for more human-like interactions.
    5. Artificial General Intelligence (GGI): GGI possesses the skills of a human and can connect with vast amounts of data, offering solutions to complex problems.
    6. Successful Super Intelligence: AI surpasses human intelligence and becomes capable of tasks beyond our limitations.
    7. AI Singularity: At this stage, AI reaches a level of intelligence that surpasses human understanding and takes control of governing systems.

    The Future of AI

    While the potential of AI is promising, concerns arise regarding its limitations and ethical implications. AI with GGI capabilities could revolutionize various fields, such as healthcare, finance, and education. However, limitations and guidelines need to be established to prevent misuse and ensure AI's alignment with human values.


    • Open AI
    • Sam Altman
    • AI stages
    • Rule-Based AI
    • Context-Aware Systems
    • Domain-Specific Mastery
    • Thinking and Reasoning AI
    • Artificial General Intelligence (GGI)
    • Successful Super Intelligence
    • AI Singularity


    1. What are the stages of AI? The stages of AI include rule-based AI, context-aware systems, domain-specific mastery, thinking and reasoning AI, artificial general intelligence (GGI), successful super intelligence, and AI singularity.

    2. What is GGI AI? GGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is the fifth stage of AI development, where AI possesses human-like skills, comprehends a wide range of information, and can perform tasks similarly to a human.

    3. Why was Sam Altman fired? Sam Altman, the former CEO of Open AI, was fired due to allegations of not being candid with the board of directors. The specific details of what he was hiding are unknown.

    4. What is the future of AI? AI has the potential to revolutionize various industries, such as healthcare and finance. However, establishing limitations and ethical guidelines is crucial to ensure responsible and beneficial use of AI technology.

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