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    Why TikToks SUDDENLY Stop Getting Views

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    Why TikToks SUDDENLY Stop Getting Views

    The TikTok algorithm can be a mysterious force for content creators. You might notice that when you first post a video on TikTok, it starts off with a flurry of views and engagement, only to suddenly come to a halt. This can be frustrating, and it might make you question whether the algorithm hates you or if you've been shadowbanned. In this article, we will unravel the reasons behind this phenomenon, delve into the mechanics of the TikTok algorithm, and provide strategies to prevent your views from plateauing.

    The TikTok Algorithm: Testing and Traffic Phases

    The TikTok algorithm consists of two phases: the testing phase and the traffic phase. In the initial testing phase, your video is shown to a sample audience of around 200 people. The algorithm assesses how well your video performs in terms of engagement and retention within this sample audience. If your video passes this test, it will be moved to the traffic phase, where TikTok starts promoting it to a wider audience.

    Winning the Test Phase

    To ensure your video performs well in the test phase and progresses to the traffic phase, there are several strategies you can employ:

    1. Focus on one topic: By consistently posting content about a specific theme or niche, you allow the algorithm to understand your content better and show it to your ideal audience.

    2. Conduct research: Study successful creators in your space and analyze the patterns of their viral videos. Look for topics, formats, and trends that consistently perform well, and aim to create your own version of those videos.

    3. Increase posting frequency: Posting between 1 to 3 times a day can help you learn and improve faster. However, prioritize quality over quantity and ensure you are still doing the necessary research for each post.

    4. Consider the timing of your content: Look for recent outliers in viral videos within your niche and create your own versions of them. Trends change rapidly, so focus on the most recent successful videos to increase your chances of going viral.

    5. Ride the trend wave: Utilize trending sounds, topics, and formats to give your videos an extra push from the algorithm. By following popular trends, you can increase your visibility and engagement.

    6. Stop the scroll: Grab viewers' attention in the first 3 seconds of your video. Use all the tools at your disposal, including text overlays, engaging hooks, and attention-grabbing visuals, to make them want to watch your video in its entirety.

    7. Focus on retention: Ensure that your video keeps viewers engaged throughout its duration. Eliminate any unnecessary content, make your videos shorter when possible, and deliver your message concisely.


    • Q: Can I be shadowbanned on TikTok?
      A: Yes, there are instances where TikTok can shadowban accounts. Posting the same content on multiple accounts, violating the terms of service, being spammy, or creating content that goes against TikTok's guidelines can lead to shadowbanning.

    • Q: What should I do if my videos suddenly get no views?
      A: If you are consistently getting no views on multiple videos, it could be a sign that your account is shadowbanned or that your content is underperforming. Check if your videos are marked as "ineligible for the feed" in the analytics section. However, keep in mind that 98% of the time, starting a new account won't solve the issue. Focus on improving your video content and strategy instead.

    • Q: Is deleting a video that didn't perform well beneficial?
      A: Deleting underperforming videos does not help your account. Instead, focus on learning from your unsuccessful videos and creating better content in the future. Improvement and consistency are key to achieving success on TikTok.


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