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    Why You Don't Want To Go Viral

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    Why You Don't Want To Go Viral

    I don't know if you can see how much it's raining on camera in winter, but it's raining a lot. In 1988, Jimmy Carter and Bill Drummond wrote the manual on how to have a number one the easy way. This tongue-in-cheek guide to success in the music industry highlighted the potential pitfalls of achieving a number-one single early in one's career. While a viral hit may seem like the key to success, the reality is much more complex. This article explores the dangers of chasing viral fame and advocates for a more sustainable approach to creative success.

    The script of the article contains important insights on viral success, burnout, long-term sustainability, creative consistency, and the balance between familiarity and novelty.

    Keywords: viral success, burnout, long-term sustainability, creative consistency, balance between familiarity and novelty


    1. Is viral success a guarantee of long-term success in the creative industry?

      • No, achieving viral fame early in one's career can actually be detrimental in the long run. It can overshadow future work and lead to unrealistic expectations from audiences.
    2. How can creators maintain relevance and longevity in their careers?

      • By focusing on steady growth, building a back catalogue, and continuously evolving their craft, creators can establish a sustainable foundation for long-term success.
    3. Why is it important for creators to balance familiarity and novelty in their work?

      • Finding a balance between offering familiar content that resonates with audiences and introducing novel ideas to keep things fresh is crucial for maintaining audience engagement and relevance over time.

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