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    Wild viral video shows zookeepers trying to hide from silverback gorilla at Fort Worth zoo

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    Wild viral video shows zookeepers trying to hide from silverback gorilla at Fort Worth zoo

    A video taken at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas has gone viral, depicting a tense situation where two zookeepers found themselves trapped in a gorilla enclosure. The incident, which occurred several months ago, shows Elmo, the zoo's 34-year-old silverback gorilla, engaging with the keepers in a 2-minute interaction that was captured on camera and shared on TikTok. Despite the fearful moments captured in the video, ultimately, no one was harmed as the keepers were able to safely navigate the situation.

    The video, which has amassed over 21 million views, showcases one keeper throwing a bucket and running inside while the other attempts to distract the gorilla by playing hide-and-seek before also seeking refuge. The public visiting the zoo could be heard expressing fear and making calls for help while observing the unfolding events. The zoo later issued a statement attributing the incident to keeper error but commended the keepers' knowledge and expertise in handling the situation.


    • Fort Worth Zoo
    • silverback gorilla
    • zookeepers
    • viral video
    • TikTok
    • interaction
    • safety measures


    • What led to the zookeepers being trapped in the gorilla enclosure?
    • How did the zookeepers attempt to distract the silverback gorilla?
    • Were there any injuries during the incident?
    • What was the reaction of the visitors at the zoo during the event?
    • How did the zoo address the incident and ensure the safety of the keepers and the gorilla?

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