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    Wisecut AI Video Editor Tutorial - Edit Videos Automatically!

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    Wisecut AI Video Editor Tutorial - Edit Videos Automatically!

    Welcome back to the channel! In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit your videos quickly and efficiently using the powerful AI video editing tool, Wisecut. Say goodbye to spending endless hours trying to edit videos manually and welcome a smarter way to create content. Wisecut utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically cut awkward silences, create shorter clips, add subtitles, find suitable background music, and enhance audio quality. Let's dive into how you can harness the power of Wisecut to streamline your video editing process.

    Hey, it's Willis welcoming you back to the channel!

    In this video, you'll learn how to edit your videos quicker and faster using the powerful AI video editing tool, Wisecut. Spend less time editing and more time creating engaging content. Wisecut automatically cuts awkward silences, creates shorter clips, adds subtitles, finds background music, and enhances audio quality.


    1. Getting Started with Wisecut:

      • Sign up for free and upload your video files.
      • Choose processing options like Smooth Cuts, Auto Cut Silences, Smart Background Music, Auto Punch In and Out, and more.
      • Create a project and let Wisecut process your video.
    2. Editing Your Video:

      • Preview the edited video and access the storyboard for further editing.
      • Trim scenes, adjust volume, edit subtitles, and customize each scene.
      • Explore translation options, add music, and fine-tune settings.
    3. Exporting Your Video:

      • Finalize your edits and export the video in your desired quality.
      • Upgrade to access higher resolution options and remove watermarks.

    Enjoy effortless video editing with Wisecut and enhance the quality of your content without the hassle.


    • Wisecut
    • AI video editing tool
    • Automatic video editing
    • Short video clips
    • Subtitles and translations
    • Background music
    • Audio enhancement
    • Storyboard editing
    • Export options


    1. Is Wisecut free to use?

      • Wisecut offers a free plan with limitations on processing time and video quality. Users can upgrade to unlock more features.
    2. Can Wisecut accurately add subtitles?

      • While Wisecut can auto-generate subtitles, users may need to review and fine-tune them for accuracy.
    3. How long does it take to process a video with Wisecut?

      • The processing time depends on the length and size of the video. Short clips may take a few minutes, while longer videos may require more time.
    4. Does Wisecut offer high-resolution export options?

      • Wisecut provides higher resolution export options for paid plans, allowing users to download videos in better quality.
    5. Can users restore deleted scenes in Wisecut?

      • Yes, users can easily restore deleted scenes in Wisecut if needed for their final video edit.

    Explore the features of Wisecut and simplify your video editing workflow today!

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