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    You gotta try Canva's New Text-to-Video AI Generator!

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    You gotta try Canva's New Text-to-Video AI Generator!

    Canva has recently introduced an amazing new feature called Magic Media, which utilizes AI technology to create short videos and images based on simple text prompts. With this tool, you can easily describe what you want your video to be about, and Canva will generate it for you. The best part is that you can try this feature for free if you have a Canva account. However, there are some limitations which will be discussed later in this article. So, let's dive in and explore this exciting new feature.

    To access Magic Media, simply go to Canva's website and navigate to the apps section. You can find Magic Media in the list of available apps or through the search bar. Once you open the app, you'll discover that it offers two main options - creating images or videos. If you want to generate videos, simply click on the videos tab.

    Generating videos is as easy as describing the scene you want to create. You can include details such as colors, places, and movement in your description. After entering the prompt, click on the "Generate Video" button and wait for the video to be created. This process usually takes about 1 to 2 minutes, during which you can continue working on your design or explore other features in Canva.

    Once the video is ready, you can preview it by hovering over it. If you're satisfied with the result, simply click on it to add it to your design. It's important to note that Canva has implemented a credit system for video generation. Canva Free users have a lifetime allowance of 5 credits, while Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, and Canva for Nonprofits users receive 50 credits per month.

    In addition to text-to-video, Canva's Magic Media also offers a text-to-image feature. This allows you to describe an image you want to generate and choose from different styles and aspect ratios. You can then generate multiple images based on your prompt and select the one you prefer. Once you have your desired image, you can easily convert it into a video using the same app.

    Downloading your created videos is simple. You can either download them as files directly from the design editor or access them later through your uploads section. Canva will keep your generated videos saved, allowing you to download them whenever you need them.

    Magic Media is still in its beta phase, so the generated videos may not always meet your expectations. However, with time and improvements, Canva's AI technology will undoubtedly enhance its capabilities, delivering even better results.


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