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    You have to try this new AI video maker #shorts

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    You have to try this new AI video maker #shorts

    If you love Chat GBT, you're going to love this new AI tool - Bitable's new AI video maker. To access it, log into your Bitable account or start a free trial. Click on templates, where you'll see a pop-up about Ava, the automated video assistant. Select your use case from the drop-down menu, choose the type of video you want to create (e.g., "Explain a topic"), and enter a few prompts to generate your video. For example, you can explain beach erosion. The tool will then generate a video for you, which you can customize by editing the text, images, and animations as needed.


    • AI video maker
    • Bitable
    • Automated video assistant
    • Templates
    • Explain a topic
    • Customization


    • How do I access the new AI video maker from Bitable?
    • What types of videos can I create using this tool?
    • Can I customize the videos generated by the AI video maker?
    • Is there a free trial available for this tool?
    • How user-friendly is the interface of this AI video maker?

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