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    YouCut Video Editor App - How to use Trim | Cut | Split (No Watermark)

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    YouCut Video Editor App - How to use Trim | Cut | Split (No Watermark)

    Today we're going to talk about trimming, cutting, and splitting video clips using the YouCut Video Editor app. We will guide you through the process of adding videos, selecting clips, and utilizing the trim, cut, and split features to edit your videos effectively.

    To start, select a new project and add the video clips you want to work with. You can rearrange the order of the clips by long-pressing and dragging them. Once your clips are added, you can tap on a video clip to access additional options such as trim and split.

    Trimming allows you to shorten the length of a video clip. You can adjust the sliders to trim the beginning or end of the clip. Splitting a video clip divides it into two separate clips at the point where the split is placed. However, splitting a clip cannot be undone once completed.

    Cutting combines the functions of trim and split. By adjusting the sliders and selecting the highlighted area, you can cut out a portion of the clip while keeping the selected portion.

    Overall, the YouCut Video Editor app provides a user-friendly interface for editing video clips with features like trim, cut, and split to enhance your videos without a watermark.

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    1. Can I undo a split in YouCut Video Editor app? No, once you have split a video clip in the app, the action cannot be undone.

    2. How does cutting differ from trimming in the YouCut Video Editor app? Cutting in the app involves removing a selected portion of the video clip, while trimming focuses on shortening the length of the clip.

    3. Can I rearrange the order of video clips in the app? Yes, you can easily rearrange the order of video clips by long-pressing and dragging them to the desired position within the app.

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