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    amazing hacks blusher #reel #viral #trending #youtubeshorts #shorts #short #viralvideo

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    Amazing Hacks Blusher #reel #viral #trending #youtubeshorts #shorts #short #viralvideo

    Hi Gas, do you also do crazy things like me sometimes? Gas crazy fun also had its own fun, so Gas, this is the lipstick I bought, it is a very good lipstick, Gas, I am trying to eat it here, but I can't eat it here. I will apply it on my chickens and see this, I made it here in W's shop, I made it on my chickens and the gas is getting applied here so well, I was not going to scrub it here but I did it. I didn't do anything, I will leave it here, its result is so amazing that I can't explain my feeling, I am enjoying a lot seeing myself here, so you too must try it once, it is a lot of fun.


    lipstick, chickens, application, amazing result, fun, experiment


    1. What is the content of the video script?
    2. How was the lipstick used in the video?
    3. What were the reactions of the person applying the lipstick on the chickens?
    4. What is the recommendation given at the end of the video?

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