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    Comedy Script: A Hilarious Video Skit

    In today's comedy skit, the characters Shivam and Vishal engage in a humorous exchange centered around a beedi and a message from a girl. The script is filled with witty banter and comedic situations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

    • The scene opens with Shivam asking Vishal for a beedi, leading to a series of amusing interactions between the two friends.
    • Vishal poses a question to the audience about receiving a message from a girl, prompting Shivam to respond in a comical manner.
    • A dialogue ensues between Shivam and Vishal about a problem that needs to be resolved, adding to the comedic element of the skit.
    • The script incorporates a request for a comedy sound effect to be included towards the end of the video, adding a playful touch to the narrative.
    • The skit concludes with an entertaining conversation between Shivam and Vishal about the efficiency of making rotis, highlighting their comedic timing and chemistry on screen.


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    1. What is the premise of the comedy skit script? The comedy skit script revolves around the characters Shivam and Vishal engaging in humorous exchanges involving a beedi, a message from a girl, and a discussion about making rotis.

    2. Who are the main characters in the script? The main characters in the script are Shivam and Vishal, who share a friendly and comedic dynamic throughout the skit.

    3. What comedic elements are incorporated into the script? The script includes witty banter, playful interactions, comedic timing, and humorous situations that add to the entertainment value of the skit.

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