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    get more views on tiktok doing these 9 things (tiktok growth iceberg)

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    Get More Views on TikTok Doing These 9 Things (TikTok Growth Iceberg)

    In order to grow on TikTok in 2024, it is important to follow a strategic approach. This article will break down the nine layers of the Iceberg theory on how to grow on TikTok. Each layer consists of three factors, starting from the basics and advancing towards more advanced strategies that can help you maximize your growth.

    Layer 1: The Basics

    The first layer focuses on the fundamental aspects of TikTok growth. Here are three important factors to consider:

    1. Avoid getting ineligible for the "For You" feed: Many videos are flagged and receive limited views because of violations, such as using copyrighted content or not disclosing the use of AI-generated content. Making original content and properly disclosing any AI usage can prevent eligibility issues.
    2. Master the art of hooks: The first few seconds of your video are crucial in capturing viewers' attention. Use verbal hooks, visual hooks, or text hooks to engage your audience and make them want to continue watching.
    3. Understand TikTok's search engine optimization (SEO): Categorizing your videos accurately helps TikTok understand your content and display it to relevant audiences. Utilize the search bar to identify the appropriate keywords for your videos.

    Layer 2: Strategy and Market Understanding

    The second layer delves into strategic planning and understanding your target audience. Consider these factors:

    1. Determine your Total Addressable Market (TAM): Identify the maximum number of people who might be interested in your niche. This will help you tap into a wider audience and find clever ways to attract them to your content.
    2. Recognize TikTok's profit drivers: Understand the features and content that make TikTok profitable, such as TikTok Shop, series, live videos, longer videos, horizontal videos, and photo carousels. By using these features, you align with TikTok's goals and increase your chances of getting more exposure.
    3. Build a community: Focus on building a loyal community rather than just gaining followers. Engage with your audience, respond to comments, go live, and create authentic connections. TikTok values creators who actively interact with their community.

    Layer 3: Advanced Strategies

    The final layer explores more advanced techniques to gain views and traction on TikTok. Consider these factors:

    1. Focus on quality over quantity: Posting one high-quality video per day is more effective than multiple average videos. TikTok now prioritizes displaying the best content rather than the most recent content.
    2. Create bingeable content: Aim to create a series or a consistent style of videos that captivate your audience. This keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to watch more of your content in one sitting.
    3. Embrace the touch point theory: Aim to create multiple touch points with your audience through features like live videos, stories, and interactions. The more touch points you have, the more likely TikTok will show your content to viewers consistently.

    By following these nine steps and implementing these strategies, you can increase your chances of growing on TikTok and gaining more views. Remember to focus on creating valuable, engaging, and high-quality content to attract and retain your audience.


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    1. How many times should I post on TikTok?

      • It is recommended to post one high-quality video per day rather than multiple average videos. Quality is more important than quantity.
    2. How can I engage with my TikTok community?

      • Respond to comments, go live, and create authentic connections with your audience. Engaging with your community is important for building loyalty.
    3. What should I focus on to maximize TikTok growth?

      • Focus on creating valuable and engaging content, categorize your videos properly, and make use of TikTok's profit-generating features. Building a loyal community is crucial for long-term growth.

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