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    how to edit brightness, color and sharpen video for InShot video editor app ( no watermark editor )

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    How to Edit Brightness, Color, and Sharpen Video for InShot Video Editor App (No Watermark Editor)

    In this tutorial, we will delve into the features of the adjust filter tool in the InShot video editor app. This guide is geared towards beginners, providing a comprehensive overview of how to enhance your videos using the adjustment filters. Let's explore how you can manipulate brightness, color, and sharpness to bring your videos to life.

    To begin editing your video using the adjust filter tool in the InShot app, follow these steps:

    • Open your video project in the app.
    • Locate the "filter" option in the menu.
    • Within the filter section, you will find options for effects, filters, and adjustments.
    • While filters offer preset color adjustments like brightness and saturation, the adjust feature provides more customizable control over your video.

    Making Adjustments:

    • Brightness: Increase brightness to make your video clearer and more visible.
    • Contrast: Enhance the colors and make them pop or desaturate for a more subdued look.
    • Warmth: Adjust the tint of your video, ranging from yellowish to bluish hues.
    • Saturation: Bring out the colors and make them more vibrant.
    • Fade: Create an old, faded look for a vintage effect.
    • Highlight and Shadow: Emphasize or dim the background and darker areas of your video.
    • Hue: Modify specific colors to give your video a different look.
    • Tint and Shadow: Add subtle color tints and shadows for a unique touch.
    • Sharpen: Improve the clarity of text and outlines for a sharper image.
    • Grain: Introduce a grainy texture to your video for a distinctive visual style.

    By experimenting with these adjustments, you can enhance the visual appeal of your videos and create a more professional look. The preview tool allows you to compare your edited video with the original footage to gauge the impact of your adjustments effectively.

    If you are interested in exploring more features and tips for the InShot video editor app, don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more informative content. Thank you for watching!


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    1. Can I adjust the brightness and contrast of my videos in the InShot app? Yes, the adjust filter tool in the InShot app allows you to modify the brightness, contrast, and various other color attributes of your videos for a more polished look.

    2. What is the significance of the sharpen feature in video editing? The sharpen tool in the InShot app is useful for enhancing the clarity of text, edges, and outlines in your videos, making them appear sharper and more defined.

    3. How can I preview the changes I've made to my video using the adjust filter tool? The preview tool in the InShot app enables you to compare the original video with your edited version, helping you assess the impact of your adjustments before finalizing them.

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