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    how to use AI EFFECT with inshot video editor app

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    How to Use AI Effect with InShot Video Editor App

    InShot, a popular video editor app, has recently introduced a new feature called AI Effect. This feature is specifically designed for enhancing human images in videos, particularly for capturing movements like dancing or other actions. To utilize this feature, ensure that your app is updated to the latest version as of December 2022. Here's a guide on how to make the most of the AI Effect feature in the InShot video editor app.

    To access the AI Effect feature, follow these steps:

    1. Update Your App: Make sure you have the latest version of InShot installed on your device.
    2. Select Your Video: Choose a video clip of someone dancing or in motion.
    3. Navigate to Filters: Look for the "Filter" option in the app.
    4. Explore Effect Categories: The AI Effect feature is divided into three categories: Line, Clone, and Style.
    5. Choose a Style: Select a style from the available options within each category. Some styles may require payment, while others are free.
    6. Customize the Effect: Adjust the values and colors of the effect to suit your preferences.
    7. Apply and Adjust Duration: Once you've selected an effect, apply it to your video and adjust the duration as needed.
    8. Edit and Fine-Tune: You can further refine the effect by editing, duplicating, or deleting it as necessary.

    Experiment with different styles and settings to enhance your videos with the AI Effect feature in InShot. Have fun exploring the creative possibilities this feature offers!


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    1. Can the AI Effect feature in InShot be used for all types of videos?

      • The AI Effect feature in InShot works best for human images, particularly videos capturing movements like dancing or actions. It may not be suitable for all types of videos.
    2. Are all the AI Effect styles in InShot available for free?

      • Some of the styles within the AI Effect feature may require payment, while others are free to use. Explore the options within the app to see which ones suit your needs.
    3. How can I adjust the duration of the AI Effect on my video in InShot?

      • After applying an AI Effect to your video in InShot, you can adjust the duration of the effect by selecting the clip and modifying the time settings within the app.

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