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    i filmed an INTERNATIONAL Oreo commercial in my childhood bedroom!

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    i filmed an INTERNATIONAL Oreo commercial in my childhood bedroom!

    As a kid, I was captivated by the iconic Oreo commercials and decided to create my own with the help of my camera and green screen. Experimenting with different ways to animate Oreo halves, I integrated their slogan to add authenticity. The end result was a fun and creative commercial that captured the essence of the brand.


    Oreo commercial, childhood bedroom, camera, green screen, animation, social media, slogan, authenticity, creative, brand.


    1. How did the idea of creating an Oreo commercial at home come about?
    2. What tools were used in the production of the commercial?
    3. How was the Oreo slogan incorporated into the video?
    4. What was the inspiration behind experimenting with animation on the Oreo halves?
    5. How did the filmmaker's childhood nostalgia influence the production of the commercial?

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