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    iPad Pro M2 vs Surface Pro 9 - Don’t Make a MISTAKE! [2023]

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    iPad Pro M2 vs Surface Pro 9 - Don't Make a Mistake! [2023]

    Are you torn between the iPad Pro M2 and the Surface Pro 9? Both devices offer a balance between a great laptop and tablet experience, and they are similarly priced. In this article, we will compare the two devices to help you make an informed decision.

    iPad Pro M2 and Surface Pro 9 Updates

    Both the iPad Pro M2 and the Surface Pro 9 received minor spec bumps in late 2022. The 6th generation iPad Pros now come with the new M2 processor, an underwhelming Apple Pencil hover feature, ProRes video capture, and Wi-Fi 6E. On the other hand, the Surface Pro 9 features the 12th generation Intel i5 and i7 CPUs, faster RAM, a removable and upgradable SSD, studio-quality mics, improved repairability, and Wi-Fi 6E. Overall, both devices offer impressive performance.

    Software Experience: iPadOS vs. Windows 11

    When it comes to the software experience, the iPad Pro significantly outshines the Surface Pro. iPadOS 16 is primarily designed for tablet use and offers a slick, easy-to-use interface. The App Store is fantastic, and everything just works seamlessly. The Surface Pro 9, running Windows 11, is more functional and offers a laptop PC experience. Regular Windows apps run fine, multitasking is easy, and everyday tasks feel smooth and lag-free. While the Surface Pro can handle light gaming, the iPad Pro's mobile gaming experience, including Apple Arcade, is superior.

    Hardware and Design Comparison

    In terms of design, both the iPad Pro M2 and the Surface Pro 9 are sleek and modern. The narrow bezels and high build quality make them stand out. However, the Surface Pro 9 is thicker and heavier than the iPad Pro, which may affect one-handed tablet use. On the other hand, the Surface Pro's kickstand provides more versatile viewing angles and a comfortable typing position. The iPad Pro, when paired with the Magic Keyboard, offers a more laptop-like experience. Both devices come with excellent keyboards and pen options, but many prefer the Apple Pencil for its feel and usability.

    Display and Camera Quality

    The iPad Pro once again takes the lead in display quality. It features Apple's top-of-the-line mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR IPS panel, offering better color accuracy, contrast, and an impressive 2,500 local dimming zones for deep blacks. The Surface Pro 9's 13-inch PixelSense Flow IPS touch display is decent, but it can't compete with the iPad Pro's display.

    When it comes to cameras, the iPad Pro's main and ultra-wide rear cameras, along with its LiDAR sensor, provide better camera capabilities, especially for AR applications. While the Surface Pro 9 features a rear 10-megapixel camera, the cameras on the iPad Pro are generally superior.

    Portability and Battery Life

    The iPad Pro excels in terms of portability, weighing less and being more comfortable as a tablet. The Surface Pro 9 does offer more flexibility in terms of viewing angles and includes Thunderbolt 4 ports for increased connectivity. However, the iPad Pro's single USB-C port is versatile enough for most users.

    In terms of battery life, the iPad Pro offers around 10 hours of usage, while the Surface Pro 9 falls slightly short at around 7.5 hours. Considering the Intel CPU and Windows 11, the Surface Pro's battery life is still commendable.

    Which One Should You Buy?

    The decision between the iPad Pro M2 and the Surface Pro 9 ultimately boils down to your software preferences, app requirements, and user experience. The iPad Pro is ideal for those who prioritize a tablet experience, a vast selection of optimized iPad apps, and mobile gaming. The Surface Pro 9, on the other hand, offers a more laptop-centric experience and the ability to run regular Windows apps seamlessly.

    It is essential to consider the limitations of each device. The iPad Pro's lack of desktop-level apps limits its potential, while the Surface Pro 9's emulated ARM version still lags behind Apple's performance. It's best to assess your needs, the software/apps you use, and your desired user experience before making a final decision.

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    1. Which device offers a better tablet experience? The iPad Pro M2 excels in providing a superior tablet experience, thanks to its user-friendly iPadOS, app store, and excellent mobile gaming capabilities.

    2. Which device is better for laptop use? The Surface Pro 9 is more suitable for laptop use, running on Windows 11 and offering a PC-like experience with regular Windows apps.

    3. Can the iPad Pro M2 replace a laptop? While the iPad Pro M2 can serve as a laptop replacement for most tasks, its limitations with desktop-level apps may make it less suitable for professional use.

    4. Does the Surface Pro 9 have Thunderbolt 4 ports? Yes, the Surface Pro 9 comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, offering increased connectivity options and faster data transfer speeds.

    5. Which device has a better display? The iPad Pro M2 boasts a superior display with its mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR IPS panel, offering better color accuracy, contrast, and black levels.

    6. Which device has a longer battery life? The iPad Pro M2 provides a longer battery life, offering up to 10 hours of usage compared to the Surface Pro 9's approximately 7.5 hours.

    7. Can the Surface Pro 9 run desktop-level apps? While the Surface Pro 9 can run regular Windows apps, its emulated ARM version still limits its performance compared to the iPad Pro M2's potential.

    8. Which device is more portable? The iPad Pro M2 is more portable, being lighter and more comfortable to use as a tablet, while the Surface Pro 9 offers more versatility with its kickstand and keyboard options.

    9. Can the iPad Pro M2 be used for professional work? While the iPad Pro M2 offers some professional use cases, particularly in designing and drawing, the lack of desktop-level apps limits its capabilities for professional work.

    10. Are there budget-friendly options for these devices? If budget is a concern, you can consider the previous generation models, such as the Surface Pro 8 or the M1 iPad Pro, which offer similar functionalities at a potentially lower price.

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