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    iPhone 11 - First 11 Things to Do!

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    iPhone 11 - First 11 Things to Do!

    Hey guys, Sock here from Sake Tech. In today's video, we're going to be sharing the first 11 things to do with your brand new and shiny iPhone 11. These settings tweaks will ensure you get the best performance and experience with your iPhone 11. Let's jump right in.

    Step 1: Check Battery Health

    The first thing you want to do is go to your settings and navigate to the battery section. Make sure to check the battery health of your iPhone. It should have a maximum capacity of 100%. If it's less than that, there may be an issue with the battery, and you should consider exchanging the phone.

    Step 2: Adjust Auto-Lock and Display Settings

    Next, go back to settings and access the display section. Set the auto-lock feature to 30 seconds to maximize battery life. Additionally, enable bold text for better visibility. Disable the auto-brightness feature and manually control the brightness using the slider for a more personalized experience.

    Step 3: Set Up Face ID and Passcode

    Ensure you have set up your Face ID for convenient unlocking. In the Face ID and Passcode settings, enable all the necessary options and, most importantly, require attention for Face ID. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your phone isn't unlocked when you're asleep.

    Step 4: Secure Your Phone

    In the Face ID and Passcode settings, disable access to control panel options when the phone is locked. This prevents unauthorized access to your phone's features from the lock screen.

    Step 5: Disable Vibrate on Ring

    To save battery life and eliminate unnecessary vibrations, go to the Sounds and Haptics settings and disable vibrate on ring. This is particularly useful since you can hear the phone ringing without the need for vibration.

    Step 6: Set Content and Privacy Restrictions

    Utilize the screen time feature to set a passcode and enable content and privacy restrictions. By doing this, you can control access to certain settings and applications on your iPhone. Disabled options can prevent accidental deletion of apps and unauthorized in-app purchases, providing you with added control and security.

    Step 7: Customize Control Center

    Personalize your control center by adding essential features, such as low power mode, for easy access. Simply go to settings, then control center, and customize controls. Add the low power mode option and rearrange the controls according to your preference.

    Step 8: Enable Raise to Wake

    In the display settings, enable "raise to wake" for easy glancing at your phone. This feature allows your iPhone to automatically turn on the display when you raise it, eliminating the need to press any buttons.

    That concludes the first 8 steps to optimize your iPhone 11 experience. Be sure to check out the video for further details and more tips and tricks. Have a fantastic day!


    • iPhone 11
    • Battery health
    • Auto-lock
    • Display settings
    • Face ID
    • Passcode
    • Secure phone
    • Content and privacy restrictions
    • Control center customization
    • Raise to wake


    1. How can I check the battery health of my iPhone 11? To check the battery health of your iPhone 11, go to settings, then navigate to the battery section. You will find the battery health information there.

    2. Can I disable vibrate on ring to save battery life? Yes, in the Sounds and Haptics settings, you can disable vibrate on ring to save battery life. This will also eliminate unnecessary vibrations when your phone is ringing.

    3. How can I customize my control center on the iPhone 11? To customize your control center, go to settings, then control center, and click on customize controls. From there, you can add or remove features according to your preference.

    4. Is it possible to restrict access to certain apps and settings on my iPhone 11? Yes, you can set content and privacy restrictions on your iPhone 11. This allows you to limit access to certain apps and settings, providing you with added control and security.

    5. What is raise to wake, and how can I enable it on my iPhone 11? Raise to wake is a feature that automatically turns on the display of your iPhone 11 when you lift it. To enable it, go to settings, then display, and scroll down to find the raise to wake option.

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