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    invideo AI Tutorial | Text to Video App

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    Invideo AI Tutorial | Text to Video App

    Today, we will explore how to transform text into video using the Invideo AI iPhone app. This powerful tool will allow you to effortlessly generate videos by simply providing a text prompt. Let's dive into the process and see how it works.

    Step 1: Generating the Video

    To begin, download and install the Invideo AI app from the App Store. Once installed, launch the app and sign in. You will be greeted with the main interface, and at the top, you will find the option to create an AI video. Click on this option to proceed.

    On the next page, you will describe the type of video you want to create by providing a detailed prompt. The more specific and precise you are, the better the results will be. Consider aspects such as duration, background music, voiceover preferences, and even the platform (e.g., YouTube) where the video will be published. You can also seek assistance within the app to guide you in crafting a compelling prompt.

    Alternatively, if you already have a well-defined prompt, simply enter it in the provided space. Remember to include relevant context, specify duration, music preferences, voiceover characteristics, and any other relevant details pertaining to your video. Aim to be descriptive but know that you can always modify and refine the generated video later if needed. Once you are satisfied with your prompt, click on "Generate Video."

    The AI will now process your input and generate a video based on your prompt. You will be able to preview the video and assess the results. If you are not entirely happy with it, you can ask the AI to regenerate the video for an alternative outcome.

    Step 2: Customizing the Video

    Invideo AI allows you to continue working with the generated video to make it exactly how you envision it. Think of the AI as your video editor, and you can provide it with feedback and suggestions to refine the video further.

    You can make various tweaks and modifications to the video. For example, you may want to add subtitles, replace stock footage with your own content or different footage, edit the script, or include a call to action at the end of the video. Simply click on the "Edit" button to access these options.

    Adding subtitles can be beneficial, especially for platforms like YouTube where some viewers may watch videos without sound. You can also replace any scenes with your own footage or search for new stock footage within the app. Additionally, editing the script allows you to make changes or additions to the dialogue in the video.

    Take your time to refine the video according to your preferences, making use of the available features and options. You can preview the changes and continue editing until you are satisfied with the final result.

    Step 3: Exporting and Sharing the Video

    Once you have customized the video to your liking, it's time to export and share it. You can export the video even with a free account; however, it will include a watermark and Invideo AI branding. If you wish to remove these, you can upgrade to a premium plan for $ 20 per month. By using the coupon code "KevinStratford," you'll receive an additional 50 AI minutes in the first month.

    After the video finishes rendering, you can choose to share it directly or download it to your device. From there, you can upload it to various social platforms, such as YouTube, to reach your desired audience. Invideo AI simplifies the entire video editing process, from script to voiceover to stock footage, making it incredibly user-friendly and efficient.


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    Q: Can the Invideo AI app be used on devices other than iPhones? A: Yes, the Invideo AI app is available for both iPhone and web-based platforms, allowing users to access their projects from any preferred device.

    Q: Is Invideo AI a paid service? A: Invideo AI offers both free and premium plans. With a free account, videos will include a watermark and Invideo AI branding. Premium plans can be purchased for $ 20 per month, allowing users to remove watermarks and branding, among other benefits.

    Q: Can I make further edits to the video once it has been exported? A: The video can be modified even after exporting it. Users can revisit their projects, make additional adjustments, and regenerate the video as needed.

    Q: Are there any limitations to the video duration? A: While there may be some limitations on video duration depending on the platform, Invideo AI allows users to define the desired length of their videos during the prompt stage, ensuring the generated video aligns with their requirements.

    Q: Can I upload my own footage and photos into the Invideo AI app? A: Yes, Invideo AI allows users to upload their own photos and videos, giving them more control over the visual content of their videos.

    Q: Is there customer support available for Invideo AI users? A: Yes, Invideo AI provides customer support for its users. They offer assistance and guidance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth video creation experience.

    Remember, this tutorial is just a starting point, and you have full control over your video's customization and refinement. Enjoy creating impactful videos using Invideo AI!

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