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    some viral Tik Tok beauty hacks are better left on that app

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    Some Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks Are Better Left on That App

    If you've been on TikTok or Instagram lately, you've probably come across viral beauty hacks and products that promise amazing results. In a recent video, beauty influencer Naomi John decided to try out some of these viral beauty products herself. From freckle hacks to transfer-proof lipstick and even a dress made of bouncy fabric, Naomi tested them all. Let's take a closer look at her experience with these TikTok beauty hacks.

    Freckle Hack with Food Coloring

    One of the first beauty hacks Naomi tried was creating freckles using food coloring. Mixing red and green food coloring with aloe vera, she attempted to achieve natural-looking freckles. Unfortunately, the results were not satisfying, as the mixture turned out too orange and didn't look like freckles at all. This hack was a miss, and Naomi didn't recommend using food coloring on the skin.

    Transfer-Proof Lip Lacquer

    Next, Naomi tested a lip lacquer that claimed to be completely transfer-proof. She applied the vibrant coral lip color and checked if it stayed put when kissed or transferred onto a tissue. However, the lip lacquer did not live up to its claims, as it did smudge and transfer, even with light contact. Although it had good staying power, it wasn't completely transfer-proof as advertised.

    Turun Nike Dress - Bouncy Fabric Fashion

    One of the non-beauty products Naomi tried was the Turun Nike dress, made of special synthetic fiber that creates a mesmerizing bouncing effect. The dress exceeded her expectations and delivered the desired bouncy movement. It was lightweight and fun to wear, but also quite tiring for the calves due to the constant movement. Overall, it was an exciting fashion experiment.

    Crystal Razor - Hair Removal Tool

    Moving on to hair removal, Naomi tested the Crystal Razor. This tool is meant to remove hair by rubbing it against the skin. However, Naomi had trouble getting the desired results. The Crystal Razor seemed to knot up the arm hair rather than removing it effectively. While it worked slightly better on Vincent's arm, it didn't perform as expected. Naomi advised caution in using this product.

    Tattoo Brow - Lip Liner Alternative

    The Tattoo Brow product is primarily used as an eyebrow application that lasts a few days. Naomi decided to repurpose it as a lip liner for a unique look. However, the dark shade of the product didn't blend well with her skin tone, making it look more like a brown line. Despite attempts to blend and remove it, it left an unnatural appearance on her lips.

    Waterproof Foundation Test

    Lastly, Naomi tried a waterproof foundation, which claims to be transfer-proof even in water. However, when tested in the shower, the foundation was not as water-resistant as advertised. It washed off easily, leaving streaks and a grayish appearance. It seemed that this viral beauty product didn't live up to its promise.

    In conclusion, while some viral beauty hacks and products may appear enticing on TikTok, they don't always deliver the expected results. It's essential to be cautious and manage expectations when trying out these trends. Let's leave some of these TikTok beauty hacks on the app.


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    Q: Are food coloring freckles safe for the skin? A: Food coloring is not recommended for use on the skin as it may contain additives and dyes that could be harmful.

    Q: Can transfer-proof lip products really withstand kissing or drinking? A: While some transfer-proof lip products may have long-lasting qualities, they are not guaranteed to be completely smudge-proof or transfer-resistant.

    Q: Is the Crystal Razor an effective hair removal tool? A: Results may vary when using the Crystal Razor, and it may not be as effective as expected in removing hair.

    Q: Can the Tattoo Brow be used as a lip liner? A: The Tattoo Brow is primarily designed for eyebrows, and repurposing it as a lip liner may not yield the desired results.

    Q: Are waterproof foundations truly water-resistant? A: While waterproof foundations may have some water resistance, not all products live up to their claims, and it's important to test them thoroughly for desired results.

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